New South Wales Awards


Each year, the NSW Pearcey committee recognises outstanding entrepreneurs and students (primary, secondary and tertiary) who are doing amazing things in NSW!

The winners and special recognition awards will be presented at our annual NSW Pearcey event on Tuesday 18th October at NSW Parliament House, at 5.30pm.  The NSW Minister for Innovation, Hon Victor Dominello, will present the awards.

Nominations are now open for the 2016 NSW Pearcey Entrepreneur Award.

The 2016 NSW Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Awards is a technology industry pinnacle award and the celebration includes special recognition awards for entrepreneurship in NSW at 3 levels:

  • Entrepreneurs - which recognises outstanding tech entrepreneurs in NSW for "taking a risk", "making a difference" and "being an inspiration".
  • Tertiary Students and Researchers - who participated in a pitching competition where they pitche their business plans and ideas before a panel of industry judges.
  • High Schools students - Winners of the Young ICT Explorers (YICTE) competition held in NSW schools presented their projects

NSW Committee

The awards committee comprises:

  • Charles Lindop (Co Chair)
  • Phil McCrea (Co Chair)
  • Roch Van Delft (ACS)
  • Liz Carroll (ACS)
  • Khimji Vaghjiani (NSW DTI)
  • Brendan Elliott (NSW DTI)
  • Len Rust (Rust Report)
  • Jeri Childers (UTS)
  • Anthony Woodward (Bulletproof)
  • Philip Takken (Deloitte)

All previous Winners participate in the judging process.

For more information on the NSW Pearcey Awards please call co-chairs

  • Phil McCrea (MDQxMSAxMDIgNTQ4), or
  • Charles Lindop (MDQxOSAyMjQgMjE0)
Melanie Perkins

20 Oct 2015

2015 NSW Award

The 2015 NSW Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Awards were presented at NSW Parliament by the Hon Victor Dominello, NSW Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, on behalf of the Pearcey Foundation and the technology industry with the pinnacle award, the winners special recognition award, going to Melanie Perkins, co-founder and CEO of Canva. »» Read more...


06 Nov 2014

2014 NSW Award

NSW 2014 TECH Entrepreneur of the Year Award The 2014 NSW Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Award was presented to Ben Richardson and Dave Greiner, founders of Campaign Monitor and Tim Power, managing director for 3P Learning. »» Read more...


23 Oct 2013

2013 NSW Award

On 23th October 2013 the 2013 NSW Pearcey Entrepreneur of the Year Awards were presented by Mr Paul Toole, Parliamentary Secretary for the Deputy Premier, to joint winners Simon Clausen, founder of Startive Ventures and PC Tools, and Naomi Simson, founder of Red Balloon. »» Read more...


17 Oct 2012

2012 NSW Award

The Pearcey NSW 2012 "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award was jointly presented to Mitch Harper and Eddie Machaalani (founders of BigCommerce) and Jo Burston (founder of JobCapital and other companies). »» Read more...


12 Oct 2011

2011 NSW Award

The 2011 NSW ICT Entrepreneur of the Year award was presented to Simon Poole and Steve Frisken, founders of optical communications company Engana and now Finisar Australia by the Hon Andrew Stoner MP, NSW Deputy Premier in front of over 150 industry leaders. The event was held at NSW Parliament on Wednesday 12th October 2011 in Sydney. »» Read more...

19 Oct 2010

2010 NSW Award

The 2010 NSW ICT Entrepreneur of the Year award was presented to Lars and Jens Rasmussen, founders of Google Maps and Google Wave by the Hon Eric Roozendaal MLC, NSW Treasurer and Minister for State and Regional Development in front of over 220 industry leaders. A further 9 entrepreneurs were inducted into our Hall of Fame. The event was held ... »» Read more...


12 Nov 2009

2009 NSW Award

The 2009 NSW ICT Entrepreneur of the Year was awarded to Ian Gardner, founder of online video and digital media specialist Viocorp. »» Read more...


11 Sep 2008

2008 NSW Award

The 2008 NSW Pearcey Young Achiever's Award were presented to two young entrepreneurs Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar, co-CEO's of Atlassian Software Systems by the NSW Minister for Education & Training, the Hon. John Della Bosca. The presentation occurred on the 11th of September 2008 as part of the 2008 National Pearcey Event in Sydney at the Westin Hotel . »» Read more...

06 Dec 2007

2007 NSW Award

The winners of the 2007 NSW State Pearcey Award were Pia and Jeffrey Waugh, a husband and wife team who work in their jointly owned software design and consulting business based in Sydney. This is the first time a joint award has been made and the recognition of their joint contribution to the Australian ICT industry makes their award all ... »» Read more...


13 Sep 2006

2006 NSW Award

The 2006 NSW Pearcey Award has been won by Dr. Matt Barrie. Dr Barrie is currently the CEO and Founder of Sensory Networks and still maintains time to lecture at the University of Sydney. »» Read more...


31 Aug 2005

2005 NSW Award

The 2005 New South Wales Pearcey Award was presented to James Dalziel by The Hon. John Della Bosca, Minister for Commerce. The presentation was made at the Pearcey Cocktail Function at the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo. The Award forms part of the ICT Outlook Forum initiated by CSIRO, DSTO, NICTA and the ICT Council of CRC’s. »» Read more...


04 Nov 2004

2004 NSW Award

The 2004 NSW State Pearcey Award was presented to Hugh Durrant-Whyte, by Loftus Harris, Director General of the NSW Department of State and Regional Development, on behalf of Minister John Della Bosca. »» Read more...


25 Oct 2003

2003 NSW Award

On Tuesday 25th November Lyndsey Cattermole, National Pearcey Medallist for 2003, presented the 2003 NSW Pearcey Award to Dr. Ted Dunstone, Managing Director of Biometix. The award was presented at the NSW State Library. »» Read more...


11 Nov 2002

2002 NSW Award

The 2002 NSW Pearcey Award was presented to Alex Hartman, by NSW Minister for Information Technology, Kim Yeadon, on 11th November 2002. The award was presented at the gala dinner for the Moving Towards The Knowledge Economy Conference held in Homebush Bay, Sydney. »» Read more...


12 Nov 2001

2001 NSW Award

The 2001 NSW Pearcey Award was presented to Derek Renouf, of Adaptive Arts, by NSW Minister for Information Technology, Kim Yeadon, on 12th November 2001. »» Read more...


15 Nov 2000

2000 NSW Award

The 2000 NSW Pearcey Award was presented to Clinton Paddison, of JDS Uniphase, by NSW Minister for Information Technology, Kim Yeadon, on 15th November 2000. »» Read more...


01 Sep 1999

1999 NSW Award

The September 1999, the New South Wales Pearcey Award was presented to Scott Gazzard. »» Read more...