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The Pearcey Foundation Inc. was established in 1998 to raise the profile of the Australian Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Industry and profession. It was created in the memory of one of the greatest pioneers of the Australian ICT industry, Dr Trevor Pearcey. By celebrating the heroes in our industry, past present and future, the Foundation is looking to attract and encourage young Australians into this most exciting of global high technology sectors of our nation.


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We welcome your interest and support in the Pearcey Foundation. »» Read more...

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Who We Are

The Pearcey Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded in 1998 in memory of a great Australian ICT pioneer Dr Trevor Pearcey. The Foundation operates broadly across the Australian Information Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, from celebrating achievements through national and state awards, to being involved in debate and public policy on critical national issues such as productivity, the digital economy and ... »» Read more...

Dr Trevor Pearcey

Dr Trevor Pearcey

Dr Trevor Pearcey (5 March 1919 - 27 January 1998) was an outstanding Australian ICT Pioneer. Most notably, he led the project team that built one of the world's earliest digital computers, the CSIR Mark 1, later known as CSIRAC. »» Read more...

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Pearcey Foundation History

A few days after Dr Pearcey's obituary appeared in the Melbourne Age, Ian Dennis, Managing Director of Whitehorse Strategic Group Ltd, and well known Australian I.T. industry figure, contacted Phillip Steele, then Victorian president of The Australian Computer Society and first suggested the idea of a commemorative award, named for Trevor Pearcey, to recognise the pioneering achievements of Australians in ... »» Read more...

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The Pearcey Foundation is a non-profit incorporated company proudly supported through sponsorship. The Foundation welcomes donations and sponsorship for any of its events, awards or initiatives. »» Read more...