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The Pearcey Foundation is involved in many activities and has an independent voice on issues relating to the Australian ICT industry. We are proud here to post opinions and commentaries both from the Foundation's perspective and from other guest writers.

owen hill

30 Jan 2021

Catchup with Owen Hill

Given the COVID travel restrictions placed on all of us, Chair Wayne Fitzsimmons and Deputy Chair Kelly Hutchinson managed to catch up in person with Medallist Jenny Seberry and Hall of Famer Owen Hill by travelling to NSW after Victoria's border restrictions were lifted in early December 2020. We managed to meet Jenny in Wollongong at that time and succeeded ... »» Read more...

graeme philipson

26 Jan 2021

Vale Graeme Philipson

Many of us had the privilege of working with Graeme Philipson over many years. In particular, the Pearcey Foundation had engaged with Graeme to create the definitive History of the Australian ICT Industry. Graeme was taken from us all on Australia Day 2021 brought on by an unfortunate accident earlier in January 2021, at his home in suburban Sydney. This ... »» Read more...

Today 100

01 Jan 2021

2020 Highlights

The Pearcey Foundation had a busy year in 2020. Highlights include our National and State Awards, the Pearcey Oration and our monthly "Conversations" webinars on many areas important to Australia's ICT policy, heritage, and innovations. »» Read more...

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