Pearcey Foundation Greats recognised in Australia Day Honours 2020

Named as Members (AM) General Division of the Australia Day Order of Australia awards were:

  1. Geoff Huston, 2015 Hall of Fame for service to science, and through pioneering roles with the internet
  2. John O'Callaghan, 2005 Medal for service to information technology, and to education
  3. Peter Thorne, Member of the Pearcey National Executive for service to computer science education and to history

These awards recognise, not only the outstanding contribution these three individuals have made to the Australian ICT sector, but also the high regard with which the Australian Tech sector is now being held - three AMs on the one day is quite remarkable and notable. Congratulations from all in our industry.

As we enter the new year, let us not forget how great 2019 was for the Pearcey Foundation. In addition to our annual awards and the Oration, we marked two iconic milestones in Australian history:

  • The 100th anniversary (centenary) of Dr Trevor Pearcey's birth
  • The 70th anniversary of the creation of CSIRAC: Australia's first computer and the world's fourth.

Thanks to the many supporters around Australia who made 2019 the great success it was - a bold program which we pulled off with your support. And now to the rest of 2020 - what will it hold for the Pearcey Foundation and the Australian ICT industry - stay tuned for a great year!

Pearcey Medal and CSIRAC 70th Anniversary 14th November 2019 in Melbourne

Following on from our centenary celebration of the life of Dr Pearcey, we held the 2019 national awards event on 14th November and awards were presented to:

  • Pearcey Medal awarded to Prof David Abramson
  • Pearcey Hall of Fame awarded to Sonja Bernhardt and Bob Beaumont
  • Pearcey Entrepreneur of the Year awarded to Craig McDonald from Victoria
  • 70th Anniversary CSIRAC - to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the commissioning of CSIRAC at the Radiophysics Division of CSIRO.

CSIRO logo

These November 2019 events were held in Melbourne - see for the details.

We are delighted to have CSIRO sponsor these events as they have done for the last 20 years.

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2019 Pearcey Medal

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Sonja Bernhardt

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2019 Pearcey Hall of Fame

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2019 Pearcey National Entrepreneur Award

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Roger Taylor

27 Aug 2019

2019 Pearcey Oration

In 2019, the Pearcey Oration was given by Roger Taylor, Chair of the UK Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation. It was presented in conjunction with the Victorian State Entrepreneur Award at a sit-down dinner on the evening of Tuesday 27th August, 2019 at the Woodward Centre, Melbourne Law School. »» Read more...


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Pearcey Hall of Fame

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State Nominations

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