The 2022 Pearcey Awards Program

The Foundation will hold a full in-person program of awards in 2022. Highlights of the program are detailed below and updates will be provided as dates and locations firm up. We would encourage nominations for all awards from right across the nation. This is our 24th year of awards, focussed exclusively on outstanding individuals drawn from across our vast geography. We present 11 awards each year and have done so for a long time - we have recorded the successes of more than 150 Australian entrepreneurs and all are highlighted on this website. Please support your ICT entrepreneurial community by nominating someone whom you think worthy of recognition - peer group recognition is a most powerful tool in bringing our community together, locally and nationally.

Pearcey Medal, Hall of Fame, National Entrepreneur Award         11 Nov 2022       Hobart

The 2022 national awards will be held in Hobart on 11 November in conjunction with ACS Tasmania and TasICT, at a location to be decided.

Pearcey State Awards

Preliminary planning is underway and scheduled dates are set out on the table below. We will keep you posted as they firm up but all nominations are welcome. Please refer to the State Awards page for the criteria and the process to follow.

Entries close

Event Date


Contact person


29 August

18 Oct

Vic Park Golf Club, Herston


Anthony Woodward


29 July


Brand Hoff



Last week August

Jordan Green


end Sep

11 Nov

in conjunction with Medal event

James Riggall

South Aust

Susan Andrews

West Aust

29 July

Part of 2022 Incite Awards

Colin Janssen

Opening of Graeme Philipson Library 3 June 2022 - Sydney

Last year the IT community was shocked by the accidental death of journalist, author, poet and historian, Graeme Philipson. Graeme's extensive library of publications related to IT has now been donated to the Australian Computer Museum Society (ACMS) where Graeme was the President for many years.

On June 3, 2022, the keynote address at the opening of the Philipson Library will be presented by Dr Peter Thorne AM. Peter is Chair of the Heritage Committee here at the Pearcey Foundation. Full details available on ACMS website At the time of his death, Graeme Philipson and Peter were working closely together on a major work: a definitive history of Australia and Australians in the Digital Age.

Graeme was also a major participant in the on-going joint research project between the Pearcey Foundation and staff in the Business School at the University of Sydney. The project entails studying the past and future of Australian innovations in ICT, calling upon the experience and achievements of notable Australians who have previously been recognised and awarded by the Pearcey Foundation.

To register for event see

"Riding the Digital Wave Summit" Sydney University Thursday 24 February 2022

The Pearcey Foundation held a national landmark event celebrating the birth of computer science as a discipline and profession in its own right in Australia, reviewing some of the early developments and where they have led us today. How digital technology optimised our energy future? How forecast the weather has become commonplace? How Government services delivered over the internet are now the norm?

The Summit explored past, present and future themes around human computer interaction; the impact of automation on jobs and industry and how Australia can continue to ride the digital wave to ensure our future resilience.

A full recording of the day's proceedings are now on the Pearcey YouTube channel

Recent News

graeme philipson

25 Jan 2022

Remembering Graeme Philipson

In memory of Graeme Philipson, the Pearcey Foundation is continuing his work of writing a definitive History of the Australia in the Digital Age. The section Graeme completed is being finalised for publication and the remainder will be completed by contributing authors in accordance with Graeme's original plan. »» Read more...

Mohan Koo

15 Nov 2021

2021 SA Award

The 2021 Pearcey Entrepreneur Award was presented to Mohan Koo, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of world leading cybersecurity provider DTEX Systems. The Award was presented at a small ceremony on 15 November 2021 at Lot 14 in Adelaide, attended by Pearcey Committee members, previous Pearcey Entrepreneur Awardeees, and special guests Andrew Nunn, SA Chief Entrepreneur and Alan Noble, ex ... »» Read more...


Medal 100

Pearcey Medals for Lifetime Achievement

The Pearcey Medal is a prestigious annual individual award that recognizes a distinguished lifetime achievement and contribution to the development and growth of the ICT industry in Australia. »» Read more...

Statue 100

Pearcey Entrepreneur Awards

The Pearcey National Entrepreneur Award is a special recognition annual award. This award gives prominence to one of the State Pearcey winners for inspiring leadership, scale, impact, innovation and acclaim on the world stage. »» Read more...

Library 100

Pearcey Hall of Fame

The Pearcey Hall of Fame recognises individuals who have made very significant lifetime contributions into one or more of Australia's ICT research, industry, or professional development. It is a yearly award which includes the Pearcey Medallist and up to two other individuals. »» Read more...


State Nominations

The Pearcey Foundation welcomes nominations all year round for any of its awards. We encourage the nominations of anyone who has made a significant contribution to the ICT industry. Simply contact us with the details. »» Read more...


Museum 100

Pearcey Institute

The Pearcey Institute was launched during the '60th Anniversary of Computing in Victoria' celebration in 2016 and was registered in 2018 as a 'Company limited by Guarantee' and designated the Pearcey Institute Limited (PIL). »» Read more...

Collaboration 100

Thought Leadership

The Pearcey Foundation is proud to organise and participate in forums, roundtables and public debates on issues of national ICT importance. »» Read more...