CSIRAC Papers and Events

CSIRAC at the Melbourne MuseumCSIRAC at the Melbourne Museum

CSIRAC was the first computer in an Australian University and the first in Victoria. It provided a computing service to scientists, engineers and the Melbourne business community until 1964.

CSIRAC still exists intact and is on display at Museum Victoria: CSIRAC, making it the oldest surviving electronic computer in the world.

An excellent book about CSIRAC is Last Of The First, by Doug McCann and Peter Thorne. This book provides a comprehensive overview of CSIRAC, published by the University of Melbourne, and available free as a PDF(PDF, 4.9 MB).

Pearcey CSIR Mk1 1952

CSIRAC - Among the First Electronic Stored Program Computers

In historical terms, CSIR Mk1/CSIRAC was one of the first stored program, electronic, computers. »» Read more...

Geoff Hill and Trevor Pearcey in 1952 with the CSIR Mk1

27 Jun 2016

How Australia played the world’s first music on a computer

We don't think twice about playing music via a computer - we have them in our pockets, and in our homes and offices, with music on tap. But playing music on a computer was once an almost unthinkable leap of the imagination and the most devilishly difficult programming challenge. »» Read more...


15 Jun 2016

The Birth of the Computer Revolution

Computing underpins every aspect of our lives, from smart phones to the robots that assemble our cars. »» Read more...

Peter Thorne 60th anniversary

14 Jun 2016

60 Years of Computing in Victoria

14 June is an important date in Australian computing history and in particular for the Pearcey Foundation. It's the date CSIRAC was switched on at The University of Melbourne and began the first university computing facility in Australia. »» Read more...

CSIRAC Uni of Melb c 1956

22 Oct 2015

Today’s smart machines owe much to Australia's first computer

How does the CSIRAC continue to be relevant today? Australia's first computer weighed two tonnes, filled a large room and had a tiny fraction of the capacity of today's typical smartphone. But why would such a machine continue to be relevant today? »» Read more...


23 Jan 2012

2012 CSIRO ICT Executives visit CSIRAC

The new world of computer science met the old on 23rd January 2012 when senior executives from CSIRO's ICT Centre paid a visit to CSIRAC - Australia's first electronic digital computer. »» Read more...


18 Nov 2009

2009 Pearcey Celebration of CSIRAC 60th Anniversary

The 60th Anniversary Celebration of CSIRAC was wheld at the Melbourne Museum, Nicholson St., Carlton, Victoria, Australia on Wednesday 18th November 2009. »» Read more...