Who We Are

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The Pearcey Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded in 1998 in memory of a great Australian ICT pioneer Dr Trevor Pearcey. The Foundation operates broadly across the Australian Information Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, from celebrating achievements through national and state awards, to being involved in debate and public policy on critical national issues such as productivity, the digital economy and national infrastructure.


The Pearcey Foundation aims to elevate Australia's Information and Communications Technology (ICT). This includes recognising outstanding Australians contributing to the ICT sector and facilitating in-depth policy debate on how to best make use of the transformative digital technologies that are reshaping Australian society and its economy.

Our primary mission is to promote the Australian ICT industry to Australia and Australians


The Pearcey Foundation is an Incorporated Association (VIC A0045525F) established by industry personnel to recognise individuals and promote a stronger debate in Australia's Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector. It operates as a charitable entity under the Australian National Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) Act 2012.

The Pearcey Foundation is not an industry association, it is a "not for profit foundation" promoting an objective, independent debate of issues and opportunities. It does not engage in lobbying or consulting work, and "company" membership is not available thus ensuring it remains truly independent. The organisation is run entirely by volunteers through small groups in each state and a National Executive Committee (listed below).


Each year, the Foundation makes awards to outstanding individuals.

Since the first Pearcey Medal presentation in 1998 (to Dr Peter Jones) we have recognised more than 120 outstanding individuals around Australia.


In addition to the awards program, the Pearcey Foundation works on many ICT initiatives. These initiatives include:

  • Australia 3.0 - an action oriented forum for bringing together Industry, Academia and Government on how Australia can best take advantage of digital technologies
  • Pearcey Oration - given yearly as part of our national event by an eminent Australian on critical ICT issues
  • Pearcey Institute - Creating, facilitating, fostering and sustaining an innovative, entrepreneurial, fair and productive Australia through research, policy advice, and facilitation activities related to digital technologies.
  • ICT Heritage - various projects to maintain the historical achievements in Australia's ICT industry

On these initiatives, the Foundation works closely with ICT related organisations including CSIRO, Data 61, ACS, AIIA, ACS Foundation, and many others.

Pearcey Personnel

National Committee (Board)

  • Chairman: Wayne Fitzsimmons OAM
  • Committee: Len Rust, Charles Lindop, Dr Phil McCrea, Dr Peter Thorne AM, Rick Harvey, Kelly Hutchinson (Deputy Chair), Jordan Green, Simon Foster, Martin Lack, Paul Gampe, Ray Leonard.
  • Emeritus Chairman: Ian Dennis ex-officio

State Committees

  • NSW Chair: Simon Foster, Dr Phil McCrae
  • VIC Chair: Jordan Green
  • QLD Chair: Paul Gampe
  • SA Chair: Susan Andrews
  • TAS Chair: Ray Leonard
  • ACT Chair: Brand Hoff AM
  • WA in conjunction with WAiTTA