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The Pearcey Foundation is actively involved in contributing to thought leadership in ICT issues e.g. economic studies, digital economy benefits.

The COVIDSafe App

May 2020 - The Pearcey Foundation published a follow up COVIDSafe App Response Paper presented in the form of a number of questions, with relevant comments and references. We repeat our recommendation for all Australians to download and use the app. Our original conclusion that the advantages far outweigh the concerns still stands. Indeed, it has been strengthened by the responses we have received and subsequent events.

April 2020 - The Pearcey Foundation published a discussion paper in response to the launch of the Australian Government's COVIDSafe app. The paper, 'The COVIDSafe App: A Question of Trust' welcomes any initiatives to bring about a speedy end to the coronavirus crisis, discussing the three key factors that will determine the success of the app: trust, effectiveness and education.

Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee

August 2018 - The Pearcey Institute submitted a paper addressing the opportunity for a significant uptake of the broadband infrastructure to improve the health of regional and rural communities through better access and utilisation of new technologies in areas like telemedicine and medical knowledge management.

ICT Statistics Review 2015

The Pearcey Foundation made a submission to the ICT Statistics Review (ICT Review) is a joint project between the Department of Communications' Bureau of Communications Research (BCR) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The Department of Finance and the Department of Industry and Science are closely involved in the review process. Discussion paper can be viewed here. Further information is included in the Proposal for an ICT Economics Institute.

Policy Hack with Wyatt Roy

October 2014 - The Pearcey Foundation contributed to the Federal Government's forum on "Our Say". The forum was being used as input to a their Policy Hack on Saturday 17 November in Sydney as an opportunity for industry to develop and pitch innovative solutions to some of Australia's most pressing policy problems and help foster the growth of innovation industries in Australia.

Victorian Government Digital Economy Review 2014

July 2014, the Pearcey Foundation's made a submission to the Victorian Government's Digital Economy strategy. For full details, see 2014 Digital Economy Submission.

AIRG National Meeting 2010

Australasian Industrial Research Group (AIRG) 2010 National Meeting. "How can R&D Managers influence and improve the future of Australasian research and innovation?"

Commercialisation Australia Submission 2009

In August 2009, the Pearcey Foundation made a submission to the CCI Steering Committee focussed around bringing SME (small to medium enterprise) and Academia closer together. The submission suggested two programs. The first was to bring SMEs into Academia by giving incentives to propose problems. The second was to bring Academia to SMEs, be providing incentives for practical research work experience in SMEs.

Digital Economy Submission 2009

The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE) published a discussion paper on the Digital Economy in late 2008. The Pearcey Foundation's submission in response to this discussion paper is entitled A Proposal to create a Digital Economy Studies Institute(PDF, 239 KB). It was one of many now available for viewing on the DBCDE website.

In February 2009, the Pearcey Foundation made a submission that recommended the creation of Economic Research Institute dedicated to measure the impact of ICT on the national economy as a way to ensure Australia fully exploits its ICT skills and know-how.

For more information please see our Pearcey Proposal for a Digital Economy Economic Studies Institute (DEESI).

Innovation Review Submission 2008

On the 22nd January 2008, the Federal Government of Australia, under the auspices of the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, established an Expert Panel to review the National Innovation System. The Panel is chaired by Dr Terry Cutler a well known and highly respected ICT industry expert. Full details on the term of reference for this review are set out on the Expert Panel's website.

The Pearcey Foundation responded with a view to raise the awareness of the role Australian ICT plays in this nation's innovation processes in Research and Development, Government and most importantly in industry where the commercialisation of innovative ideas occurs, to a large extent.

In April 2008, eight members of the Pearcey Foundation submitted a paper in response to the Expert Panel's "Call for Submissions". This paper Submission to the 2008 Innovation Review to create an independent Economic Studies Institute(PDF, 895 KB) proposed ways to understand the impact of ICT across the Australian economy and community.

The accompanying letter with the submission from the Pearcey Foundation to the Expert Panel, is also available for review along with all of the submissions to the Panel is available on the Innovation Review website.

Australian ICT Reports

Friends of Pearcey do an excellent job in maintaining collections of Australian ICT industry reports, commentaries and news.

Technology Transactions - A Commentary on the Australian Technology Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Industry including venture capital, M&A, industry policy, research and innovation (maintained by Charles Lindop)

Industry Reports for the Australian ICT Industry - A library of industry, policy and general interest documents of interest to the Australian ICT Community (maintained by Charles Lindop)

ACS Industry Reports

Rust Report - Australiasian ICT News and Views

COVIDSafe App Report

28 Apr 2020

The COVIDSafe App: A Question of Trust

How the Australian Government and Australian citizens can ensure the success of the new coronavirus tracing app Summary The Australian Government has now released its coronavirus tracing app, called COVIDSafe. To be effective, the app needs to be downloaded and used by a significant proportion of the Australian population. »» Read more...

CovidSafe app response paper

COVIDSafe App Response Paper

Questions and Issues Around the COVIDSafe App Overview On 28 April the Pearcey Foundation released a Discussion Paper on the Australian Government's COVIDSafe tracing app. The paper can be found here on this site. »» Read more...