Pearcey Museum

Museum 100

The Pearcey Foundation undertakes a number of activities to preserve the historical significance of ICT innovation and achievement.

Currently, the Foundation is exploring a permanent location for many of the memorabilia of past ICT technology generations. We hope to be making some announcements about this soon.


Computer 100

2003 Pearcey to the PC - History Conference

On 1st September 2003, the Pearcey Foundation held a Conference to celebrate 50 years of computing. The afternoon event drew a wide selection of speakers that traced the significant events of computing in Australia, from the first digital computer built by Dr Trevor Pearcey to the modern computing platforms. »» Read more...

pearcey portrait handover

Trevor Pearcey Portrait

At a small reception held on 24th August 2011, at IDG’s offices in North Sydney by Mr Davey Adams, current CEO of IDG Australia, officially passed to the Pearcey Foundation an important portrait of Dr Trevor Pearcey. »» Read more...