Pearcey Conversations

Group Task 100

Pearcey Conversations online seminars are held on the last Wednesday of each month. Each conversation invites eminent speakers to give thought leadership opinions on ICT and related public policy, particularly looking at critical national issues such as productivity, the digital economy and national infrastructure.

Conversations are available on the Pearcey Foundation YouTube channel and are listed here in reverse chronological order.

Sep 2020 - The History and Future of WiFi - from Radiata to Morse Micro to Beyond!

To be held Wednesday 30 September 2020; 4:00pm - 5:00pm AEST.


  • Phil Ryan, Director of Engineering, Broadcom
  • Dr David Skellern
  • Professor Neil Weste, VP Engineering, Morse Micro.

Free event! Please register.

Aug 2020 - Tertiary Computer Science - Preparing Future Leaders?

Computer science involves the theory and design behind the intelligent systems that transform the way we live, work and communicate. Although the fundamentals of the discipline do not change, the range of applications of ICT, across all aspects of society, is constantly expanding and changing. How do we currently prepare students at university for the work they may undertake in the future? Are past experiences relevant in planning and presenting courses today?

Contributors include:

  • Alan Noble - Founder, AusOcean
  • Professor Richard Buckland - Professor of Cyber Security at UNSW
  • Professor Elanor Huntington - Dean of Engineering and Computer Science, Australian National University

Jul 2020 - The Role of the ICT Community in the Future Resilience and Self-Reliance of Australia

This Pearcey Conversation canvassed the broader role of technology in our society and our economy, the choices we need to make, the directions/objectives towards which we should be moving and the emphasis we should have for sustained success.

Contributors included:

  • John Blackburn AO - Chairman of the Institute for Integrated Economic Research - Australia
  • Rita Arrigo - Industry Digital Strategist at Microsoft, AI Ambassador, Design Thinker, Microsoft
  • Sally-Ann Williams - CEO, Cicada Innovations
  • Jordan Green - Victorian Chair and National Executive Comittee Member of the Pearcey Foundation