Supporting Australia's Ideas Boom

11 December 2015 Wayne Fitzsimmons

NISA Ideas BoomWhat a breath of fresh air to think that the government of the day 'gets it'!

How long have we all waited to have a leadership team who actually can connect with the tech educated populace of Australia? Many of us have been guilty of 'telling the government what they ought to do'.

With one comprehensive statement the Turnbull government have brought Australia into the 21st century and answered the many pleas many of us in the ICT sector have been raising for years. Now it is up to us to use this new framework to simply execute within this exciting national strategy.

For our part at the Pearcey Foundation we are prototyping an online platform which will facilitate collaboration between individuals in research, academia, government or industry by comprehensive data collection, measurement and analysis. It's great to have ideas but how do you know who's doing what and which ones to pursue?

Working together across industry and research we hope to minimise duplication of effort, and promote more rapid diffusion of R&D efforts around the nation whilst protecting proprietary IP. This will lift our productivity and make Australia more competitive internationally in the long run. This initiative is organised under the Pearcey Institute, a newly establish body focussed on creating a globally competitive Australian technology sector.

We are so much better off with an informed business environment which comprehends the impacts and potential of the new world of technologies. Innovation is now part of the daily lexicon and not just tech-speak from geeks!

Well done to Malcolm Turnbull and the team.