Heritage Events

Old Time Camera 100

Over the last twenty years or so, the Pearcey Foundation has held a number of events related to preserving the historical significance of ICT innovation and is now creating a record of many of the major contributors to our great ICT Heritage. We have commissioned a new book on this very topic and one can view our plans and progress at our Heritage Website https://heritage.pearcey.org.au/

Currently, the Foundation is exploring a permanent location for many of the memorabilia of past ICT technology generations, We are collaborating with various museums and industry groups who share this desire to establish a 'virtual museum' to capture our wonderful contribution to technology in so many fields.

monash digital evolution display

28 Aug 2018

Pearcey Day Heritage Panel

At the 2018 Pearcey Day, the Heritage session brought together representatives of major organisations, and individuals, concerned with preservation of our ICT heritage. The topic was: Current ICT Heritage Collections - Where they are, what they are and plans for the future? »» Read more...


07 Sep 2018

Ballarat Heritage Event

The Pearcey Foundation held a special Heritage Event on Friday 7th September 2018 at Federation University in Ballarat. The event ran from 3pm - 5:30pm and was entitled Celebrating the Past; Informing the Present; Inspiring the Future. »» Read more...

Computer 100

01 Sep 2003

Pearcey to the PC - History Conference

On 1st September 2003, the Pearcey Foundation held a Conference to celebrate 50 years of computing. The afternoon event drew a wide selection of speakers that traced the significant events of computing in Australia, from the first digital computer built by Dr Trevor Pearcey to the modern computing platforms. »» Read more...