Dr Trevor Pearcey Centenary Celebration

5 March 2019

Dr Trevor Pearcey with CSIRAC in 1952Dr Trevor Pearcey with CSIRAC in 1952The Pearcey Foundation was proud to run a special Centenary Celebration on Tuesday 5 March 2019 at University of Sydney. The event  commemorated Dr Trevor Pearcey and his work. Over 200 scientific, academic and industry leaders joined the Celebration from 3pm-7pm at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub, located within The University of Sydney Nano Institute.

See the presentations on Pearcey Foundation YouTube channel.

With the Institute's Director Prof Ben Eggleton hosting the Centenary Celebration, and Ms Jo Burston of Inspiring Rare Birds fame as MC, this event recognised Dr Pearcey's seminal contributions to the modern computing era and to science more broadly. A key component of Dr Pearcey's legacy is his role in asserting Australia's ability to act as a major player on a global tech stage. The event recognised a true pioneer and an icon for past, present and future Australian technology leaders.

The Centenary Celebration program featured eminent speakers exploring three of Dr Pearcey's prime areas of interest:

  • Computing (with a focus on quantum computing);
  • Astronomy and Radio Physics (where CSIRAC began within CSIRO), and;
  • Nanoscience with some focus on optics, an area in which Trevor Pearcey had a particular interest.

Speakers included:

  • Prof Hugh Durrant-Whyte - Chief Scientist, NSW
  • Prof Ben Eggleton - Director, University of Sydney Nano Institute
  • Dr Sarah Pearce - Dep Director, Astronomy & Space Science CSIRO
  • David Reilly - Principal Researcher and Director of Microsoft Station Q, Sydney
  • Barbara Ainsworth -¬† Pearcey Biographer and Curator of Monash Museum of Computing History
  • Dr Baerbel Korilbalski - OCE Science Leader, CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science
  • Prof Andrew Dzurak - ARC CoE Quantum Computation & Telecomms Technology UNSW
  • DR Lamiae Azizi - Deputy Champion, Sydney Nano Grand Challenge School of Maths & Statistics, University of Sydney
  • Dr Dave Williams - Executive Director - Digital, National Facilities and Collections at CSIRO

To continue to honour this Australian ICT icon, we are also planning further celebrations throughout the year. This will include a Melbourne event to be held later in 2019 - showcasing contemporary, cutting-edge ICT research with reference to Dr. Pearcey's scientific achievements and his contribution to ICT education.

For more information, photos etc, please see http://pearceycentenary.org.au.