Benson Entrepreneur Award Nominations

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The Benson Entrepreneur Award (formally the Pearcey National Award) was established in 2010 to add a new dimension to the Pearcey State Awards. The finalists consist of the Pearcey State Award winners from the year before.


One of the primary goals of the Pearcey Foundation is to promote the ICT sector to all Australians and in so doing attract the best and brightest to make a career in our industry. The future of our nation rests, to a large extent, upon our national science and engineering capability – the Pearcey Foundation is committed to securing our future as a nation by attracting the best and brightest into science and engineering and ICT, in particular.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has generously agreed to support the Pearcey Foundation in these efforts by underwriting the Foundation in its efforts to recognise outstanding individuals drawn from the next generation of young engineers, scientists, and ICT professionals nationally. This is being achieved through a program of state based awards presented each year at events supported by like-minded industry organisations including AIIA, the ACS in each state, the ACS Foundation and AiG.

In early 2011 the AIIA, ACS and Pearcey Foundation agreed to collaborate in holding one national awards event each year to be known as the iAwards (which AIIA has been running for 17 consecutive years). As part of this collaborative effort it was agreed to rename the Pearcey National Award and call it the Benson Entepreneur Award.


To lift the profile of these awards, the Pearcey Foundation, with the active support of CSIRO through their ICT Centre, presents this national award on an annual basis. The winner of this award will be selected in the following manner:

  1. An independent selection committee will be drawn from the state based Pearcey Committees
  2. The criteria will based upon the criteria already established by each Pearcey State Committee (be it a Pearcey committee or a tripartite committee).
  3. The finalists for the Benson Entrepreneur Award will drawn from equivalent state based competitions (usually a previous Pearcey State Award winner).


The intent is to announce and present the winner with this award at the annual national iAwards event wherever it may be held. During the day preceding this event, the finalists will be involved in a program of activities to expose them to various aspects of ICT that they might not otherwise experience such as participatioin in national debates/discussions and presentations from subject matter experts relevant to the ICT sector. Regardless, the criteria for selecting the Benson Enterpreneur of the Year will be those individuals who have run a risk, made a difference and inspire others.

Previous Winners

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