2020 Blog

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This section contains archived Pearcey events, news and blog items from 2020. This has certainly been a remarkable year with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eureka Prize 2020

24 Nov 2020

2020 Eureka Science Award to Sydney Uni's "Sydney Nano"

Sydney Uni's Nano Centre in Department of Physics was awarded the 2020 Eureka Prize for Outstanding Science in protecting Australia. By harnessing the delicate interaction between light and sound, Professor Ben Eggleton and his team have produced a microchip that provides a unique advantage for defence platforms. »» Read more...

Dr Cathy Foley

09 Nov 2020

Appointment of Dr Cathy Foley as Chief Scientist Australia

Dr Cathy Foley AO, currently CSIRO Chief Scientist, and from December 2020, will become Chief Scientist of Australia. Cathy has made distinguished contributions to the understanding of superconducting materials and to the development of devices using superconductors for a number of applications including to detect magnetic fields and locate valuable deposits of minerals. »» Read more...

Dr Terry Cutler

04 Jul 2020

Vale Dr Terry Cutler

Terry Cutler (1948-2020) FATSE PhD Econ History (UNSW), BA History (Melb Uni), passed away on 3 July in Melbourne. Terry was a remarkable contributor to the ICT sector. During 2008 he chaired the Australian Government's Review of the National Innovation System which culminated in the Report, Venturous Australia. »» Read more...

Jenine Beekhuyzen

08 Jun 2020

Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen awarded OAM

Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen, creator of the Tech Girls Are Superheroes campaign, was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in the Queens Birthday Honours List for "service to information technology, and to women". »» Read more...

John Deane

20 May 2020

Passing of two Australian greats - John Deane and Arthur Sale

John Deane and Arthur Sale where outstanding contributors to Australia's ICT. John was both a researcher in areas including smart wireless networks and a historian. Arthur was at the forefront of ICT acedemia in Tasmania for over 25 years. »» Read more...

Pearcey CovidSafe Seminar

19 May 2020

COVIDSafe: Continuing the Conversation

The Pearcey Foundation held an online seminar on Tuesday 19 May to continue the conversation about the COVIDSafe App. »» Read more...

covidsafe phone image

07 May 2020

Questions and Issues around the COVIDSafe App

COVIDSafe App Response Paper On 28 April the Pearcey Foundation released a Discussion Paper on the Australian Government's COVIDSafe tracing app. The paper can be found on here on this site. »» Read more...

COVIDSafe App Report

28 Apr 2020

Pearcey COVIDSafe App Paper

The Australian Government has now released its coronavirus tracing app, called COVIDSafe. To be effective, the app needs to be downloaded and used by a significant proportion of the Australian population. »» Read more...

covidsafe app

28 Apr 2020

The COVIDSafe App: A Question of Trust

MEDIA RELEASE How the Australian Government and Australian citizens can ensure the success of the new coronavirus tracing app. The Pearcey Foundation today announced the publication of a discussion paper in response to the launch of the Australian Government's COVIDSafe app. »» Read more...

Emeritus Prof. Rod Tucker 2013 Pearcey Hall of Fame

27 Feb 2020

50th Anniversary of Australia's First Satellite

In 1966 a bunch of students (undergrads and post-grads) at the Department of Elec Eng at Melbourne University built Australia's first satellite. It was ultimately launched in 1970 by NASA. A member of the team of 8, who designed and constructed the satellite, was Prof. Rod Tucker, a 2013 Pearcey Hall of Famer Prof Tucker was a first-year student at ... »» Read more...

Australia Day

26 Jan 2020

2020 Australia Day Honours

Three outstanding members of the Pearcey family were recognised in the 2020 Australia Day Honours lists. All were named Members (AM) General Division, Order of Australia: »» Read more...