2018 WA Award

15 June 2018 Perth

Dr Mark Andrich was presented with the 2018 Pearcey WA Entrepreneur Award at the WAITTA Incite Awards held on in Perth on Friday 15th June 2018.

Rick Harvey (Pearcey), Dr Mark Andrich, Marion Burchell (CIO WA Gov)Rick Harvey (Pearcey), Dr Mark Andrich, Marion Burchell (CIO WA Gov)

The award was presented by Marion Burchell of the Office of Government CIO at the gala presentation dinner at the Crown Perth.

Mark Andrich

Mark's passion is sustainability and finance and he sees the need to combine them in order to meet sustainable development objectives that benefit others and the environment.

Mark grew up in Perth and studied oil & gas engineering, before joining Accenture as an IT analyst just prior to tech bubble burst. Mark moved to New York where he joined a hedge fund as the first employee and worked in a research and trading role. He left in order to pursue his own water business and then completed his PhD in sustainability of financial, energy and water resources from the perspective of wealth inequality. Mark's published papers led to WA establishing its sovereign wealth fund and showed empirically that land clearing alone has led to most of the rainfall decline experienced in southwest Australia.

Combining his fund management and sustainability measurement experience, he has been able to bring the information that most matters for sustainable development and investors into one software solution, the Sustainable Platform. The Sustainable Platform delivers information on thousands of companies in a way that makes sense for the world's largest asset owners, including for Australian superannuation funds and European sovereign wealth funds, to report on their contribution to UN sustainable development and take authentic action on it.

By intervening in the sometimes-myopic world of finance using factual sustainability information, his software has been able to help fund managers see through greenwashing and influence the direction of hundreds of billions towards companies that provide products and services that help rather than harm, ourselves and the environment, and do this while reducing risk in investment returns.

Presentation Video

Our Pearcey Western Australian Entrepreneur of the Year for 2017, Dr Mark Andrich, is a leading authority in sustainable investing practices in Australia and around the world.

Mark has published international journal papers in energy and water sustainability topics with one study leading to the establishment of the Western Australian Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Mark received his PhD from the University of Western Australia investigating sustainable development for energy, water and its relationship to wealth.

Putting his research and experience in finance into practice, Mark created Sustainable Platform, the world's largest database of companies measured for their contribution towards sustainable development industries. His company provides transparency and valuable data for those who want to invest in environmentally and socially conscious companies.

He is a mentor, entrepreneur and respected authority in the area of sustainability to organisations around the country and the world.