2007 Vic Award

27 August 2007 Melbourne

Hon Tony Robinson, George Parthimos, Ashley Herring, Dr. Stan Skafidas and Pearcey Chairman Ian DennisHon Tony Robinson, George Parthimos, Ashley Herring, Dr. Stan Skafidas and Pearcey Chairman Ian Dennis

An audience of nearly 100 ICT luminaries warmly applauded the presentation of the Victorian Pearcey Award 2007 to Ashley Herring, and Pearcey Victoria Commendations to Dr. Stan Skafidas and George Parthimos, at a cocktail party in central Melbourne on 27th August 2007.

The awards were presented by Hon Tony Robinson, Minister for Consumer Affairs and Gaming, and Randall Straw, Executive Director, Multimedia Victoria, representing the Minister for Information Technology, Hon Theo Theophanous.

Ashley Herring

Ashley Herring co-founded CoolRock Software in mid 2004 to commercialise software innovations for managing corporate email.

Among his achievements are:

  • Gaining a $700,000 AusIndustry Commercial Ready Grant to commercialise TEAL Email Management Software concept.
  • Co-inventor of two international patents for email management innovations
  • Deployment of the software to BHP Billiton as the first email archiving product capable of managing desktop encrypted email traffic.
  • Securing initial trial customers of TEAL hosted email management service in the US;
  • Gaining an AusIndustry Stage 1 COMET grant for commercialisation assistance.

2007 Victorian Pearcey Commendations

Dr. Stan Skafidas is the Program Manager and Technical Leader for NICTA Sensor Networks Programs managing 20 people to deliver 2 innovative state of the art projects.

  • $20M telecommunications system project for the real time water infrastructure monitoring. This project will permit farmers to order water for irrigation on demand. The implemented system will also permit farmers to trade water and water rights as they require. The system involves hardware platform (NICTOR), embedded software and application software.
  • Next generation wireless communications transceiver operating at 60GHz.

Stan has been successful in securing $45M in contributions from industry stakeholders

George Parthimos founded Torian Wireless Limited, a start-up company which has grown to be globally recognised as one of the market leaders in Internet radio technology. The Torian technology enables any person anywhere in the world to access Internet radio content from a consumer electronics device. Known as iRoamer Technology, this proprietary development makes Internet radio possible, and has been specifically designed to be easily embedded in a myriad of consumer products. business with offices in 3 continents within 3 years. Among Georges achievements, he has:

  • Partnered with Dick Smith Electronics to launch the InFusion product across the top 20 Powerhouse stores in February 2007.
  • Received several high-profile awards at the past three consecutive Consumer Electronics shows in Las Vegas USA.