2007 NSW Award

6 December 2007 Sydney

The winners of the 2007 NSW State Pearcey Award were Pia and Jeffrey Waugh, a husband and wife team who work in their jointly owned software design and consulting business based in Sydney. This is the first time a joint award has been made and the recognition of their joint contribution to the Australian ICT industry makes their award all the more meaningful. They were presented with their certificate at a ceremony held on 6th December 2007 at the Australian Maritime Museum in Sydney. This presentation was made at the conclusion of the VC Connect conference at the Museum and was made by Mr Ian Dennis, Chairman of the Pearcey Foundation.

Pia and Jeffrey Waugh

Jeff and Pia Waugh's work has focussed particularly in the area of open source software. They have contributed in commercial, government and non-profit arenas at both technical and strategic levels, especially in their commitment to increase collaboration within the sector, and foster the next generation of IT experts among today's youth.

Of particular significance is their contribution to the industry organisation Linux Australia, their organization of the linux.conf.au conference, and their development of the "Open CeBIT" program at CeBIT Australia. Pia has made important contributions to the education and research sector in Australia through project co-ordination and fostering of shared development processes, while Jeff has contributed on a global scale through his work at Canonical on the Ubuntu distribution, and his contribution to the GNOME desktop.

Jeff and Pia have a strong commitment to sharing their work for the good of others - they regularly share their time, their code, and their expertise freely to help others in industry and the public sector, and this commitment has a special alignment with the raison d'ĂȘtre of the Pearcey Foundation and the values exemplified by Trevor Pearcey.