2006 NSW Award

13 September 2006 Sydney

Kevin Harris (North Sydney Institue TAFE), Hon John Della Bosca (NSW Minister for Commerce) and Matt-BarrieKevin Harris (North Sydney Institue TAFE), Hon John Della Bosca (NSW Minister for Commerce) and Matt-Barrie

The 2006 NSW Pearcey Award has been won by Dr. Matt Barrie. Dr Barrie is currently the CEO and Founder of Sensory Networks and still maintains time to lecture at the University of Sydney.

The NSW Pearcy Award to Matt Barrie was made by NSW Minister for Commerce, John Della Bosca as part of the University of Sydney's "Computing the Future" Symposium and 50 year anniversary of SILLIAC.

Dr. Matt Barrie

The Pearcey Award encourages and rewards fresh and innovative talent in the New South Wales information and communications technology (ICT) industry and Dr Barrie has proven himself to be a worthy winner. His international career spans both acedemia and commerce and his recent business ventures have leveraged his exceptional experience and reputation in advanced computer security technologies.

NSW Minister for Commerce, John Della Bosca, said during the presentation, "Mr Barrie is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Sensory Networks, a leading developer advanced computer security technologies. He developed an innovative business plan and raised significant amounts of money from professional investors to set up the company. Sensory Networks now has well established operations in the US, China and Australia and is supplying core technology components to some of the world's largest security software firms including McAfee. Mr Barrie also lectures in Information Security and Cryptography at the University of Sydney, sharing his knowledge and expertise with the future generation of ICT professionals."

See also: Press Release(PDF, 27 KB)

Highly Commended

The NSW Pearcey Committee would like to record as Highly Commended the other outstanding candidates including:

  • Steven Hasani, CEO of NetLeverage
  • Eric Heyde, CEO of Cirrus Communications
  • Tony Bailey CEO of Access Testing

The work of these individuals all show a well proven capacity to build highly successful ICT enterprises.

Sponsors and Acknowledgements

This years Award was underwritten by the NSW TAFE North Sydney Institute and the NSW Department of State and Regional Development. The NSW Committee wishes to acknowledge theses sponsors as well as the support of Mr Kevin Harris of the North Sydney Institute who attended the presentation with Minister Della Bosca. The committee extends their sincere thanks to Mr Barry de Ferranti, the convenor of the 2006 SILLIAC celebratory events.