2004 Pearcey Hall of Fame

4 November 2004 Sydney

Inducted into the Pearcey Hall of Fame for 2004 was Emeritus Professor John Bennett AO, Ormonde Browne, Ren Potts and Bob Bishop.

The Pearcey Hall of Fame includes the Pearcey Medalists, and up to two individuals in any one year, who have made very significant lifetime contributions into one or more of Australia IT Research, Industry, or Professional development.

Professor John Bennett

(For details, see 2004 National Medal)

Ormonde Browne

Ormonde Browne, founder of International Programming, one of Australia's first software companies. Ormonde unfortunately died earlier this year, so his Award is posthumous.

Emeritus Professor Ren Potts, OA

Emeritus Professor Ren Potts, Rhodes Scholar, Order of Australia, Ren was one of the first to learn to program and use the Weapons Research Establishment Digital Automatic Computer (WREDAC) in 1956, and was responsible for establishing at the University of Adelaide Computing Centre and was the inaugural President for the South Australian Computer Society in 1961.

Bob Bishop

Bob Bishop , Chairman and chief executive officer for international IT company Silicon Graphics (SGI) since 1999, where he looks after $US 842 million Revenue and 2600 global employees.
Bob Bishop is an elected member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences, serves on the international advisory panels for National ICT Australia and for the Multimedia Super Corridor in Malaysia, and is a member of the Executive Committee for the Council on Competitiveness in Washington, D.C.