2003 NSW Award

25 October 2003 Sydney

Dr Ted Dunstone, winner of the 2003 NSW Pearcey AwardDr Ted Dunstone, winner of the 2003 NSW Pearcey Award

On Tuesday 25th November Lyndsey Cattermole, National Pearcey Medallist for 2003, presented the 2003 NSW Pearcey Award to Dr. Ted Dunstone, Managing Director of Biometix. The award was presented at the NSW State Library.

The state-based Pearcey Award honours a young entrepreneur who emulates Trevor Pearcey's brilliance, levels of achievement and commitment to the IT profession at the start of their career. The award is given annually to a person who has demonstrated innovative and pioneering achievement and contribution to research and development in NSW.

Dr. Ted Dunstone

Dr. Dunstone was recognized as an outstanding practitioner with a detailed understanding of technical security and authentication issues relating to biometrics as well as experience in dealing with the many policies and strategic issues.

Dr. Dunstone also founded the Biometrics Institute, a not-for-profit organization engaged in research analysis and education for biometric users, vendors and government agencies throughout the Asia Pacific region.

The Pearcey Foundation was named in honour of Dr Trevor Pearcey who designed Australia's first computer, and what is now the oldest surviving electronic computer in the world on permanent display at the Melbourne Museum.

The chair of the NSW awards committee Len Rust said:

"Dr. Dunstone is an inspiration to young people making a career in Information Technology. He has contributed to both the industry and also to the broader community. Dr, Dunstone is a deserving winner of this year's award having achieved some outstanding results over the past few years. Each of the four finalists also deserve hearty congratulations, they are all helping in the development and continuance of a strong and viable Australian ICT industry".