2000 Pearcey Medal

31 August 2000 Melbourne

George KepperGeorge Kepper

The 2000 Pearcey Medal was presented to Mr George Kepper by Senator Richard Alston, Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, before an audience of over 300 senior I.T. industry executives at the Hotel Sofitel in Melbourne, on 31 August 2000.

Speaking at the Medal presentation, Pearcey Foundation Convenor, Ian Dennis, said,

"What we do need are quiet achievers, with a strong commitment to research and to manufacture in Australia, who measure their achievements not by stagging profits on an IPO and walking away, but by the legacy of long term jobs and investment returns that they help to create....... The 2000 Pearcey medallist is one such individual."

George Kepper

George Kepper is well known in the industry for the success of his company, Datacraft, which became an international force in communications. In more recent years, George has became one of the founders of ACEMA, the Australian Computer Equipment Manufacturers Association, founded to develop and foster a competitive Australian based computer industry. By 1987 ACEMA had grown to 37 companies, and he was vice-president. The following year he became the president of ACEMA.

In October 1990, ACEMA amalgamated with AIIA and SSIFA to form the AIIA we know today, and Mr Kepper joined the AIIA board, where he continued to serve until 1995, making major contributions to policy, especially in the areas of government purchasing and research.


Multimedia Victoria is the Principal Sponsor of the Pearcey Medal, the Prime Minister, John Howard, is the Honorary Patron of the Pearcey Foundation. The Australian Information Industry Association and the Australian Computer Society are the major sponsors of the Pearcey Medal.

The State Governments of Victoria and NSW are each the Principal Sponsors for their respective State Pearcey awards.